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Newport Beach Wrongful Restraining Orders Attorney

Protect Your Rights & Interests in Southern CA

In some cases, wrongful allegations of domestic violence may be made that then result in a restraining order. It is important to remember that you have rights if you have been served a restraining order you believe is unfounded. You must carefully read the order and make sure you understand every detail, as violating a restraining order (even one you believe has been wrongfully filed against you) is illegal and may result in your arrest and serious penalties, such as imprisonment and fines. You must obey the terms of a restraining order while it is in effect.

Although every case is different, our recommendation is to immediately obey the terms of the restraining order, to avoid further problems. You may need to gather your belongings and move out of a shared residence with the alleged victim, or may be prohibited from contacting the alleged victim. First follow the restraining order and then contact a Newport Beach wrongful restraining order attorney.

A Newport Beach wrongful restraining orders attorney at Thomas Law Offices can help. We can review your restraining order with you, talk to you about what happened, and help you understand how to file a response. We can handle every aspect of your response and represent you at your court hearing. We can prepare you and protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. We help clients across Southern California from offices in Newport Beach and Woodland Hills.

Take immediate action and contact a Newport Beach wrongful restraining order attorney at (949) 799-3357 if you’ve been served a restraining order.

The Importance of Filing a Response to a Restraining Order

If a wrongful restraining order has been filed against you, you must take a proactive approach and file a response. You must also attend the court hearing. This is your only opportunity to challenge the order. If you work with our firm, our Newport Beach wrongful restraining order lawyers can handle all of this for you.

If a restraining order is filed against you, and you do nothing:

  • You must obey the terms of the restraining order or face arrest and criminal charges;
  • The judge may make orders about child custody, visitation, or support without your input; and
  • The restraining order may last up to five years.

Has a wrongful restraining order been filed against you? Call (949) 799-3357 today for compassionate guidance and powerful advocacy.