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Domestic Violence Compassionate Guidance. Powerful Legal Advocacy.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Newport Beach

Experienced and Compassionate Legal Representation for Domestic Violence Victims & Those Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Abuse

At Thomas Law Offices, we represent clients across Southern California who have fallen victim to domestic abuse. We also assist those wrongfully accused in family court of violence against spouses, ex-spouse, or children. We have extensive experience with restraining orders and the steps it takes to obtain or challenge these court orders to protect yourself and your family.

domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can be described as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse between family members or people who live together. In addition to being a misdemeanor or felony offense in California, a person convicted of domestic violence may face repercussions related to child custody and visitation. This is a vitally important area of family law that must be handled with a combination of aggressive legal representation and compassionate care to protect victims’ rights and safety.

Our Newport Beach domestic violence attorneys recognize that these are extremely complex and sensitive matters, and we will utilize our skill and knowledge to effectively represent your interests. We have offices in Newport Beach and Woodland Hills to better serve you.

If you are involved in a domestic violence matter, please contact the Newport Beach domestic violence lawyer at Thomas Law Offices today. Contact our firm online or call us at (949) 799-3357.

Does Domestic Violence Affect Divorce in California?

California is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not have to allege adultery, abuse, abandonment or another wrongdoing in order to end a marriage. Even so, domestic violence can impact a divorce or separation.

  • A spouse convicted of domestic violence within the past 5 years may be ineligible for spousal support, although this can be rebutted.

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody?

It may affect child custody rulings, particularly if the alleged abuse was committed against the child or children in question. Custody may be denied, with only supervised visits allowed, or no visitation rights at all.

Contact Our Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Newport Beach Now

Because of the many factors in play, we recommend involving a respected Newport Beach domestic violence lawyer to help with your domestic violence case. If you are in immediate danger, however, please try to get to a safe place and call 911. The local authorities can intervene if necessary to prevent further harm.

Our compassionate attorneys are here for you if you were involved in a domestic dispute. Contact Thomas Law Offices today at (949) 799-3357 to find out more.