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Child Support Attorney in Newport Beach

How Child Support is Determined

Child support is an amount of money paid monthly by a parent or by both parents to help provide for a child’s care and expenses. Child support is one of the key issues that must be resolved in any divorce or separation. It may also be ordered if paternity is established. The guiding principle behind child support is that children are entitled to financial support from both parents, even if their parents are unmarried, divorced, or separated.

Child support will directly impact your child’s well-being and your financial stability. At Thomas Law Offices, we know how to approach these cases in such a way as to protect our clients’ best interests, and we will utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate a swift, positive result. Whether you need to establish, contest, enforce, or end child support, as a payee or payor, our Newport Beach child support attorneys can protect your best interests.

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How is Child Support Calculated in CA?

In California, specific guidelines are set forth to calculate child support, based on:

  • Each parent’s net income;
  • The child custody agreement;
  • The number of children; and
  • Any special expenses or needs the child or children may have.

Click here to visit the Child Support Calculator on the California Department of Child Support Services website.

Modifying Child Support

Once child support has been determined, there are certain situations that may mandate a change. This may include a significant increase or decrease in a parent’s income, or a significant change in custody. You must go through the court to modify a child support order, to ensure it is legal and enforceable.

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Attorney Kendra Thomas is a Certified Family Law Specialist by The State Bar of California. She is also certified in Mediation, Arbitration, and Negotiation by the Straus Institute at Pepperdine University. She leads our team of Newport Beach child support lawyers to success in complex child support proceedings, including those in high asset divorces, contested divorces, same-sex divorces, separation, and more.

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