Strong Defense For Wrongful Restraining Orders

Allegations of domestic violence should never be taken lightly. However, sometimes false accusations are used as leverage in divorce or child custody matters. If you have been accused of domestic abuse and now have a wrongful restraining order taken out against you, it is important to seek help from an experienced lawyer immediately.

At Thomas Law Offices, we know how frightening, frustrating and infuriating it is to be accused of something you did not do. We can help you set the record straight. As a Certified Family Law Specialist, attorney Kendra Thomas knows how to use the law to protect you and your right to see your children. We serve clients in Woodland Hills, Newport Beach and the neighboring communities of California.

Building An Aggressive Defense Against The Allegations

When someone seeks a restraining order against you, a temporary restraining order is usually enforced before the court hearing. It is important to follow this order — even if it means staying away from your home and children. Violating the order can have severe consequences that will only make the situation worse.

Next, come to us. We know that these matters are urgent, and we will work with you to quickly build a strong defense to prevent a permanent restraining order from being approved. We will listen to your side of the story and do everything in our power to protect your right to be in your own home and see your children.

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