Solutions That Protect You And Your Children

Nothing is more important to you than your children. You want what is best for them and will do whatever it takes to give it to them. This is what makes child custody and child support matters so frightening.

At Thomas Law Offices, we understand that the uncertainty you may be feeling right now is frustrating and upsetting. We are here to help you through it. With nearly 10 years of experience, attorney Kendra Thomas knows how to find a resolution that protects your children and preserves your relationship with them. We have offices in Newport Beach and Woodland Hills and serve the neighboring areas of California.

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Understanding The Possibilities For Custody

There are two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody designates who the child will live with, while legal custody designates who can make important decisions for the child. Possible custody arrangements are:

  • One parent has sole physical and legal custody.
  • Both parents share physical and legal custody.
  • One parent has physical custody and both have legal custody.

Because the general belief is that children benefit from having a relationship with both parents, California courts favor joint custody. Of course, there are exceptions. When one parent has sole physical custody, a visitation schedule can be created that allows the other parent to continue seeing the children.

How We Can Help

Our founding attorney, Kendra Thomas, will use her experience and knowledge as a Certified Family Law Specialist to guide you through the process of working out a custody agreement that is enforceable and in the best interests of your child. We can also assist with child custody modifications, which may be necessary if you or your child's other parent is planning to move away from the area.

Seeking Fair Child Support Orders

Child support is a crucial part of ensuring the well-being of a child, and a child's biological parents are responsible for financial support. California has a child support calculator, called the Income Shares Model, to determine how much support a noncustodial parent should pay to a custodial parent. As your law firm, we will make sure the calculations are fair.

Paternity is an important issue in some child support cases. We can guide you through the process of seeking paternity.

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